Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Anime Conventions

So for next year a couple of friends have convinced me to go to an Anime Con with them down in London, I am not a great fan on Anime - and then main reason I'm going is I enjoy spending time with my friends - but there are a few things I fear, being surrounded by Japanese porn lovers, fat men dressed as Sailor moon, and those socially ostracized enough that saying hello to them will cause them to break down into tears.
Alright, call this a bland and cruel generalization of those in the Western World that enjoy Anime and attend its social (oxymoron) gatherings - but let's face it, amongst all the normal people I may be meeting there will be a select group of people that will scare the Ba-jebus out of you or me.
Let me just dig myself out of the deep hole I am no-doubt digging myself into, people that enjoy anime are fine - I know many anime lovers that are perfectly normal and often quite smart (I'm beginning to sound like Freud here). But anime-cons are "per say" where the funnies come out. Like Goth-festivals or E3, you will have your extremists, and what's more these people are STRANGERS, causing the terror in your gut to expand ten-fold as they explain to you their fascination with Sailor Moon's pantylining in Season 3.

However I am one step ahead of these funnies when I attend this Anime-con, almost a year ahead of them in-fact! I already have bought my Monocle and Top hat, and once I get my wooden cane of backside whipping from Amazon - I can knock any of the terrifying approaches back with one swift stroke and the phrase "Not today, not in my Blighty!"

Damn it's great being normal.

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