Friday, 6 July 2007

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go

I apologise again for the lack of updates, being busy really kills my procrastinating spirit and I haven't found much time to sit down and write something worthwhile up. Whilst I realise that my Blog has yet to crown it's head through the vaginal walls of mainstream entertainment, I know there are at least a handful of people who do read this space regulary. For you guys, I doubt I'll be able to get any updates on over the weekend, as is life, but I promise my enthusiasm hasn't died and I still intend to keep on top of this.

Still, only today left, then weekend. IIIIIIIIIT'S ONLY BLOOOODY FRIDAY!


Wow, this Blog has had more views than I thought it would have in only a month and a half with an irregular update schedule. I rarely check the front page between updates, so I estimate that since I put the counter up, around 25-30 of those hits are mine, some will be Fort's, but the rest are precious, precious readers. I consider this to be a special occasion, and want to use some of this time to reflect on how things have changed since I started this Blog.

If you can cast your mind all the way back to May, when the Internet used to be in black and white, and buses could be boarded in exchange for coins or the realm, it was a much simpler time. Cheese only came in 972 different varieties, instead of the ludicrous 975 we have now. You used to get twelve pieces of lint for a stalk of rhubarb, and thats the way I like it. Anyway, here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the past two months:

  • Muppets For Justice launches under it's original guise, Custardy Crap.
  • Custardy Crap hit by lawsuit by custard companies for insinuation that custard is similar in either taste or consistency to excrement. Changes name to Muppets For Justice.
  • Muppets For Justice hit by lawsuits from Fathers For Justice. No one cares. Name sticks.
  • The first Muppets For Justice visitor arrives. Has heart attack due to party poppers and fireworks set up to celebrate first visitor.
  • Visitor turned out to be Addman's mum. Fort buries the evidence.
  • Fort officially joins the team. Contracts are signed, socks are exchanged, and everyone has a nice cup of cyanide laced-tea.
  • Addman writes a hilarious post which wins "Post Of The Year". Everyone celebrates. Other Bloggers resign themselves to bruising vengeance.
  • Interdimensional portal opens up and sucks away Addman's trophy, certificate, and any evidence of the Post Of The Year ever existing. Also looses a cat called mittens, if found please call.
  • After recieving no comments on most articles, Addman begins to cry himself to sleep.
  • Fort gets addicted to WoW, never writes for the Blog again in his quest to secure an Epic Mount.
  • Addman mistakes Epic Mount to be some form of sexual innuendo. Is hastily disappointed.
  • Toast demons emerge from the fridge. Scientists baffled.
  • Addman begins writing a list that doesn't make sense, looses many readers, and begins scrapping for change on the streets of New York.
So as you can see, much has happened since I started this Blog, some good, some not so good. Either way, I don't have any intention of stopping soon, so you're all stuck with me. Until Monday, I hope all dreams come true and all that jazz.


  1. The people are reading.

    At least, I am.

  2. Thank god! Precious, precious reader, how sweet your presence is!

    Well it looks as though this place had another 20 views over the weekend. Usually, if there are no new posts, the counter stays still, so my guess is that some folks are starting to check back regulary. Countdown to the next milestone of 1000 begins here...

  3. Uh, yeah....I found your cat!I've given the link to you somewhere else. :D


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