Friday, 22 June 2007

For Those Lonely Hearts...

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I'm Building An Ark

The UK has had more than it's fair share of rain this last fortnight. There have been plenty of floodings in my area, and the rain shows no signs of stopping as storm clouds devour the entire sky. If the biblical flooding wasn't enough, a couple of nights ago, a bolt of lightning rang our doorbell! Seriously, we were sat around, then the doorbell started ringing even though no one was there, and we got electric jolts just from touching the buzzer! Either Thor wants to come round for tea, or this is God's revenge for something I've said or done, so I plan to gather two of every sandwich and buy an inflatable boat.

If I never blog again, assume I am upon the high seas of what used to be England, boarding enemy ships and ransacking their belongs/money/wenches. I guess life at sea won't be so bad, except there'll be no bars, but I guess I'll just have to get my sea legs. Or failing that, some peg legs! Something, something, and really bad eggs, yo ho me hearties yo ho!

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