Thursday, 7 June 2007

TV Licenses - another conspiracy

Hello all! Fort here for his first post to Addman's blog!

I'm pleased to be part of this - without a daily dose of decent humor and prying into someone else's personal life, I wither and die on the inside, so I hope I can match Addman's standards.
I've been given a long leash here, I'll be using it in a terribly misguided fashion.

I don't care for going Digital.

If you don't know what this is, it's another UK thing. When you buy a TV, you get a basic amount of five channels (or four channels, if you live in a remote place - like me). You "go digital" to have the privilege of having more channels, think of it as another version of cable TV.

But honest to god, it's not really worth it, apart from the occasional movie repeat, no matter how many TV channels you have, the selection is always terrible. In my opinion it's not worth going Digital to rot your brain with daytime TV, it'd be better if you went out back into the Shed, and shot yourself in the foot with your nail-gun, it's the same effect, and on the plus side you have something to talk about later. So you can imagine my disgust - when the Government will pull the plug on regular TV, forcing everyone to switch to Digital.

However this is what really grinds me - we're going to be forced to pay our TV License's as well as Switch over to Digtal. If you don't know what a TV License is- it's a Television Tax.

This is basically the entire point of my rant, we have to pay a Tax on something we gain no benefit from; once the Digital Switchover comes, I'll only receive static if I don't start my subscription! Hell, even the Mafia weren't that dishonest, at least when they made you pay-up it was to stop them breaking your legs.
What really is the final nail in the coffin, is the government are playing two adverts at once at us, one telling us we must pay our TV License or receive a hefty fine, and the second "helping" us do the switchover. It's crafty propaganda I tells ya'!

So my dear readers, write to the Government, refuse to pay your Television License, and pay up that regular fee to the Laundrette in York that's really a Mafia hideout - it's all for a good cause.


  1. As far as I understand it, the TV license is for BBC channels only. The only downside is that you have to pay this license even if you don't watch these channels. So basically, you pay a TV license for BBC1 and BBC2 just so you don't get adverts in between things that are currently on. If you notice, a film on BBC1 has absolutely no adverts, while a film on Channel 4 has adverts every 15 minutes (probably the same ones every time).

    Well, that's my 5 seconds of knowledge down the drain right there. I'm only allowed 5 seconds of knowledge every week. :(

  2. I'd rather have the BBC funded by adverts to be honest, since it has been at least five years since they came up with anything new that was worth watching.

    Unless they can prove that I enjoy watching tripe like Robin Hood remakes, Eastenders, and Dr Who, I'd rather they didn't charge me to produce crap like this.


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