Friday, 8 June 2007


First off, thank you Fort for that insightful update. I would throw away my Sky Digibox with the next rubbish collection, however, there's a repeat of Will And Grace that I've only seen 49 times before, and I'd very much like to hit that golden 50.

Next, if you were expecting an insightful, informative update which chronicles either my life, my thought processes, or just a random tidbit that I thought would be amusing, then you are sure to be disappointed. I don't feel like writing an update today, and as such, you shall not be getting one. Nope. Nothing for you to read here. I bet you're wondering why, but the fact is, I simply cannot be bothered. That's right, I don't much care for blogging today, and as such, shall not be updating anything at all this Friday.

I may do an update tomorrow, I may wait until Monday. I'm a big essence of uncertainty, a cloud of dunno. So, to sum up, there will be no blog from me today, and that is absolutely, positively, final. No questions asked. Are you wondering if I have run out of inspiration? The answer is no, I still have inspiration, and I still enjoy writing this blog, however I just do not have much to say right at this precise moment.

I thought about doing an update where I'd waffle on about nothing, but I felt that would be very unfair to you, the faithful reader, and I wouldn't want to offend your sensibilities with a pointless block of text that you wished you'd never read. I wouldn't like to have my time wasted like that, and I doubt that a single one of you would either, so forgive me for not giving you an article. If you feel cheated by this, then I apologise, but at least I warned you instead of leaving you high and dry. In effect, you could say I have done you a service, but I doubt you'll see it like that somehow. Regardless, do not expect anything of worth from me.

Rest assurred, I have plenty of ideas for future updates, just nothing that I want to unveil at this moment in time. So you'll have to make do with absolutely nothing, like what war is good for.

Funny And Relevant Picture Of The Day

I'll see you on the flip side.

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