Friday, 15 June 2007

Cha Cha Now Y'all

My favourite cha cha prank, with an incredible fallout. For those who don't follow this blog, is a search engine that allows to chat live with a guide who will do all your searching for you. A while ago, I was having some fun with the friendly guides and keeping logs of the conversations. This one turned out better than I had anticipated. Read on:

Topic: Pizza

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: HollyS

HollyS: Welcome to ChaCha!

HollyS: Hi are you looking for recipes?

You: Hello Holly!

You: no, I was wondering if there was a place online where I could order pizzas

HollyS: Let me see. What city do you live in?

You: me and the guys are having a LOTR marathon and we need grub.

You: [Hometown]

HollyS: Is that in the US or UK?

You: What? Dale, I don't know if they have mushrooms

You: Sorry, I was typing as I talked to my friend Dale, I do that a lot

You: It's in the UK

HollyS: no problem.

HollyS: Okay.


You: Is there anything except Pizza Hut? They are a little expensive

HollyS: I'm looking now...


You: Hey Dale, is Dominos any good?

You: Dammit, done it again

HollyS: :)


HollyS: Do any of those work for you?

You: Dale says he doesn't like Dominoes as he had a bit of an accident with some when he was a child

You: I'm just having a look at the others, do you have any more?

You: We need lot's of pizza, there are four of us

HollyS: I can look and see if there's anything else.

You: Yes thank you Holly

HollyS: Anytime.

You: Shurrup Kyle! I'm not going to ask her out!

You: Ahem, sorry about that

HollyS: lol

You: Oh god, that was embarressing



You: Erm, Cornelius wants to know how long it would take to order the pizzas from these sites

HollyS: I really don't know. It probably depends on the site.


HollyS: Here's a list of the pizza restaurants in your area.

You: OK Cornie, she says it depends on the website it's ordered from!

You: He says thanks

HollyS: Of course.

HollyS: Well, I think that's the best I can do for you.

HollyS: Hopefully, you'll be able to find someplace to feed the crew.

You: Do we have to ring them up? I'd rather fill in a form over the Internet because I'm shy on the phone.

HollyS: Is there anything else I can help you find on this topic?

HollyS: Several of these will let you order online.

HollyS: I'm not sure about the list of others, I could look to see if any of them have websites, but it would take me a moment. Would you like me to do that?

You: Excellent thanks. Oh, Dale wants to know if the boxes the pizzas come in are square because he had a scary incident with a box as a child

You: He'd prefer round ones

HollyS: As I'm not an employee of any of the pizza places, I can't say. But hopefully they'll be able to tell you.

You: Shut up Dale, I don't know what she looks like!

You: Sorry, he keeps asking

HollyS: Oh, but have you seen me lately?

You: I haven't seen you at all, let alone lately

HollyS: lol. Okay.

HollyS: Well, that's probably a good thing.

You: Dale says he doesn't care

You: Goddammit Dale, she won't want to come and watch LOTR with us, she's working!

HollyS: Poor Dale doesn't seem to get it, does he?

HollyS: lol.

You: No, he's a little weird, I'm going to hit him with a spoon if he doesn't shut up

HollyS: lol okay, well I must go. I wish you much success in your pizza ordering.

You: Thanks Holly, thank you for your patience

HollyS: Have a good one!

HollyS: Anytime.

HollyS: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.

Status: Session ended

Joke Of The Day

What do you call a Chav in a box?

What do you call a Chav in a filing cabinet?

What do you call a Chav in a box with a lock on it?

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