Thursday, 14 June 2007

The End of the World as we know it!

We all know the big Y2K scare, and if you don't - by reading this you are a very intelligent Child or someone who has just came out of a Coma.

It wasn't even a scare, it was a media-hype up of a date error.

Anyway, I'm here to warn you about some other Chronoligcal scares we'll face in the Near Future!

Year 2007 Problem

In this year of 2007, American products that automaticaly change their time to daylight saving will not be up to date on the latest rules. Therefore for a quite a few weeks of the year these machines will be wrong. This is terrible news for me, some of my E-mails for Viagra could be time-stamped wrong by the helpful seller!

Year 2038 Problem

In the Year 2038, due to the nature of Binary (a certain sequence will come to pass), the year will be displayed as "1901" and also it will cause decimal representastions of date to be negative numbers. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, eh? We thought we were safe for at least another 1000 years, but we were wrong! The Apocalypse is upon us now! Unless we buy up-to date computers by 2038 we're doomed!

Year 2070 Problem

We'll find ourselves in the Merciless grasp of the Year 2070 Problem, where when we enter dates like "40" into our databases, computers won't know if we mean "2040" or "1940"
In this readers opinion we need to change this problem now! Or alternatively welcome our new three year-old overlords - it'd make a nice change I think.

Year 10,000 Problem

With the Year 10,000 Problem, some computers today will not be able to handle 5 digit years, causing meltdowns and Ipods to disintegrate and the like.
On a more serious note, how will this affect long term computers like machines that are needed to handle Nuclear waste? Or Ipods forced to loop Britney Spear's hit singles over and over again?

Year 60,056 Problem

It's the end of the world yet as we know it, some computers are all designed to record the date up to May 28th, 60,056 - after this, we're back to January 1st 1601. This is a shame for everyone, espescialy Blizzard Entertainment who were wanting to run their World of Warcraft servers sometime until July of this year.

So everybody, man your tinfoil hats and flee to the underground! Our computers are ill equiped to handle dates!

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  1. I seriously doubt anyone will have a computer that will run over the date limit - there is only one surviving computer from the 70s, for example (it's in a museum in Scandinavia I think).
    I'm ready for 2038 but I'll probably upgrade long before then to some higher bit rating (128-bit maybe? 256 even? :P)
    So yeah, no chance of people actually caring about 2038 in my opinion.


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