Tuesday, 28 August 2007

1000 Hit Count Party!

As you've no doubt noticed, we have hit yet another rather pointless milestone which is just little more than an excuse for a kind of celebratory article that will show this blog in a positive light. So, if you'd kindly pretend you have a slice of delicious cake in your hand as you read this, it might make this experience a lot more worthwhile for all involved. Just sit back, don a party hat, and let's explore all the wonderful elements that bring Muppets For Justice together.

Especially for this momentus occasion, here's another back stage look at what goes on behind the scenes of Muppets For Justice.

  • Addman finds a chocolate behind a sofa cushion. Donates to medical science to determine if it's edible.
  • After experimenting with fancy new titles for 10 minutes in Microsoft Word, the new, psychodelic Muppets For Justice logo is uploaded to the blog.
  • Logo causes 217 Japanese children to go into spasm. Fearing lawsuit, the logo is changed to a static, blue format.
  • Logo causes 380 photo-sensitive children who are succeptable to the colour blue to go into spasm.
  • The staff at MFJ prove that jam is better than marmalade.
  • After a post praising the recent Rush Hour film, Jackie Chan teaches the MFJ writers everything he knows, including a traditional folk song, and how to Macarena correctly.
  • A recent court appearance has Fort declaring to the Media "That money was just resting in my account before I moved it on!"
  • After lengthy battle with incontinence, Addman's dog told to "Hit The Road!"
  • Backlash from readers after Muppets For Justice spoil the ending of the latest Harry Potter book (Harry grows up to be Gandalf).
  • After a recent outbreak of Foot And Mouth, cows are banned from reading the blog, lest the terrible disease finds a way to travel through monitors.
  • Cow community in uproar after Addman and Fort seen attending Anti-Bovine rally.
  • Publicist fired after describing MFJ as "A slightly more pleasant sensation than stapling your genitals to Joan Collins whilst gargling the blended remains of your childhood pets."
  • The MFJ Audiobook (Read by Mickey Rourke) is pulled before release due to CD covers featuring a profile shot of the writers. Ratings board declare that Mass Vomiting warnings must be placed 10 feet around anywhere selling the Audiobook.
  • Addman buys a bobbing bird to tap F5 repeatedly.
  • 1000 views on the horizon.
  • In order to rectify the hostilities between cow-kind and muppet-kind, Addman is quoted as saying "How can I hate cows? My mum's one!"
  • Mum community appeased after flowers arrived soon afterwards.
  • MFJ writers contract T Virus. Said to be feeling "Brrraaaaains".
  • List ends abruptly due to poor planning.
There, now don't you feel enlightened? Join me next time when I lift the lid on the recent MFJ beach photoshoot.

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