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Life Changing
By DavieB63

Two months ago, my loving wife of seven years ran away with a police dog named Geoffery, to start a new life Bermuda. After this crushing blow, our two year old daughter divorced me on the grounds that we didn't have enough sweets in the house. To make matters worse, my house fell down due the reverberations of the train lines nearby and subway system underneath.

Just when I thought my luck couldn't get any worse, I turned up to work, only to be told to clear my desk because I ate my boss's yoghurt from the fridge yesterday by mistake. It wasn't even nice or anything.

On my way out of the door, someone passed me a piece of paper to cheer me up. It was Addman's post about the Pangolin King. For the first time in weeks, I laughed. Instantly, I knew that I must promote this piece of art, and I now make a small living from selling Addman related merchandise. I'm getting my life back on track, thanks to Muppets For Justice!

(5 stars)

Astounding By hjmbjmy

I was on death row, and my last request was for ten minutes of Internet access to email my grieving wife. Sure enough, a pop up appeared asking me if I wanted to see something awesome. I can always find time for something awesome, so I clicked, and was redirected to Muppets For Justice. I must admit, the stylish writing and clever jokes from the contributors had me hooked instantly, and I quickly read through every post and memorised some of the hilarious lines, and went to the chair a very happy man.

When the guards asked me why I was smiling, I regailled them with the story of Fort and the whole Pianist Enlargement conversation, where they laughed so hard they accidentally knocked the equipment, which caused it to malfunction. Of course, several thousand blinding volts of electricity shot through me, but I wasn't exposed long enough to be killed, meaning that my execution has been pushed back two weeks. Thanks to MFJ, my life was saved, and now I get an extra fortnight to live in perpetual agony where I'm paralysed from the waist down, and the other inmates have to wipe my ass for me. I owe my life to them!

(5 Stars)
Orgasmic by yummymummy

Using Addman's helpful guide to dating, my current boyfriend managed to woo me with some of the incredible and sexy chat up lines he listed, and now, we have a sex swing in the yard! Thanks Addman!

(5 Stars)
Awesome by NotFort

Brilliant blog, I love it! However, we need more articles by Fort. Wooo! Go Fort! You're number one baby!

(5 Stars)
Great by xXxH4RDC0R3xXx

Dis fuckin' thing rox! Keep it tight, a'ight!

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World Saving by NASAREP

Recently, a meteor named Parseus 987XB almost collided with the Earth. We sent a team of astronauts up to drill a hole into the core of it blow it up with a nuclear bomb before to hit Earth. Halfway through, the astronauts began running out of oxygen and things looked bleak. In order to keep their spirits up, we relayed extracts from Muppets For Justice to brighten up the experience for them.

Unfortunately, the guy setting the bomb laughed so hard he blew the whole thing up, crew and all, but that it only testimony to how hilarious this blog is! If it wasn't for Muppets For Justice, those astronauts could have died from lack of oxygen instead of a raging, vapourising inferno. Also, it saved the Earth from destruction, so I nominate the writers for Nobel prizes! Good going guys!

(5 Stars)
Unbelieveable by Addman's Mum

Well done honey, but please keep the language down dear.


(5 Stars)
Excellent by Mickey Rourke

Before I met the dynamic duo here, I was just living in my mansion, revelling in the revenue bought in by Sin City, but still feeling empty and shallow inside. Once I found them, I felt the shell that is me begin to fill up with passion and soul, and now not a day goes by when I don't think about them.

(1 Star)
Dire by Blogmaster07

These two are stealing the limelight from all of us other, hardworking bloggers. I hope they die in a tragic tractor incident! Also, bring back my puppy, you heartless bastards!

(5 Stars)
Brwilliant by FilmCrwitic

There's your Rweview, send the cheque through the post as soon as possible.


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