Monday, 6 August 2007

Pizza Hut sucks - by Fort

I thought this may interest some of you.

Today I went to Pizza Hut with some friends, and it was possibly one of the worst eating experiances of my life.
Rather than make a large extravegant story, I will briskly list to you my gripe with eating out today.

* We were kept waiting for a table for a terrible amount of time.
* They managed to serve all of us cutlery, except two of us - including me - we were stuck with only one knife each.
* Most of the cutlery was rather unclean.
* When the pizza came - a cheesy bite fondu - it didn't come with that dip the child on the adverts seemed just so damn happy to have (you know, the child with the parents that were just so damn happy he got dip with his cheesy bite fondu.)
* All of the above is but a misdemenor crime compared to what happened next: They forgot to serve us plates! Those of us that got starters used the old plates they had, everyone else had the table or their napkin to contend with. Where was our waiter to correct this issue? Nowhere! They had buggered off.
* Glass shattered five times. The waiters' falt no less.
* One worker at the ice cream machine managed to somehow get it to explode - and small droplets of ice-cream-substitute splatered over some of my friends.
* I poured a glass of water, an entire tray of ice cubes (stuck together) fell out onto my glass. Water went everywhere.

60% of the time I am just being petty with my complaints. But honestly the entire series of events was pretty terrible if not surreal, I mean honestly - no plates? Who the hell forgets plates!
When the waiter came and asked "do you want dessert?" ( I stress the word dessert, they never said pudding, they said dessert) I was ever so tempted to reply "that depends if it comes in a bowl!"

Either way next time I'm off on a trip with my friends I think I'll suggest Tesco to eat at instead.


  1. Never go to burger king, or any other fast food chain. My english teacher's wife's burger had a metal scurb cooked into it. Which is why we never go to fast food places.

  2. This is why I always take away.
    I don't need plates, cutlery, glasses of water, ice cubes that aren't stuck together, ice cubes in general, or a table.
    Just me, a friend or two, a graveyard, and a pizza box with pizza in are enough for me.


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