Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Parfume Pour Homme et Pour Femme

Why are perfume adverts so needlessly confusing? I'm all for adverts trying to be unique and, dare I say it, artsy, but most perfume ads just seem disengaging.

Take the recent one where Nicole Kidman spins around on a rooftop shouting "I LOVE TO DANCE!". What has that got to do with anything? Most of the time perfumes seem to be advertising gondolas and stripy jumpers, or red carpets and missing women. I understand the atmosphere of romanticism created is meant to relate to the glamorous philandering sensations that you would supposedly encounter upon application of a vial of scented water that has probably been scraped from the retinas of a pig in a lab somewhere, but tacking on a picture of the bottle at the end seems as though it's barely associated.

Perfume comes across as being ambiguous and aloof, which isn't very empowering for the consumers who would probably rather know what the product is and what it does/smells like. Take the CK IN2U campaign for example. On first look, the letters seem to be text speak for Cock Into You (fun for the whole family), but it turns out that it's simply a misguided attempt to market the fragrance to young technological minds rather than being a rapist's scent of choice.

Anyway, in true Forrest Gump style, that's all I have to say about that.

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