Friday, 8 May 2009

5000 Views Office Party!

Bong thang dudes, and welcome y'all to ma crib.

Now that the multicultural opening is over and that you all feel included, I am pleased to announce some rather exciting news for MFJ. We are fast approaching 5000 views, and also now have a grand total of five followers!

Obviously, MFJ is beginning to hit its stride, which some skeptics might say is two years too late. I, however, declare that this is a glorious day to be a writer for Muppets For Justice. In order to celebrate these rather meaningless milestones, I have decided to treat you to an inside look behind the scenes at Muppets For Justice, and some of the events that have made this Blog the rollercoaster ride of hellzapoppin' fun that it is today. We start our story right at the beginning of MFJ via the medium of a bullet point list:

  • Addman, whilst feeling slightly under the influence from eating an out of date yoghurt, conceives the original concept for Muppets For Justice. The surviving blueprints detail an interdimensional multimedia experience with newsfeeds, podcasts, t shirts, strobe lights, blimps, and retina detaching laser light shows.
  • Budget cuts force Muppets For Justice to settle on becoming a Blog, hosted by the wonderful people at Blogger, who now owe me commission.
  • Fort is discovered at a Mexican hat dancing festival. Addman convinces him to join after sampling some of his tasty chilli.
  • MFJ becomes a sleeper hit across the world with its witty banter, sharp observations, and egotism.
  • The people of the world conveniently forget about MFJ in what was, according to Addman, "A great big electromagnetic storm that kills your braincells and stuff!".
  • The Blog continues as usual for a while, until Fort has to take exams and Addman gets pulled onto other projects.
  • A year passes in the MFJ office without a new update. The pair recruit one George Broussard of 3D Realms to coordinate and motivate the team and start outputting fresh content.
  • George is fired after showing a lackluster Duke Nukem Forever trailer as his presentation for how to get the Blog back on track.
  • Barack Obama is elected as President Of The United States. Not sure how this is related, but no timeline is complete without it.
  • Addman finally makes a comeback after stringing along yet another scammer! MFJ is back on track!
  • Toast is proved to be tastier with jam rather than marmalade.
  • Piers Morgan lodges a complaint against MFJ.
  • His complaint turns out to be against the Nazi Superweapons post, and the not the one which details him as a tedious cunt. He conceeds that most of the points raised against him were true, and in fact, helped his reputation somewhat.
  • This list is produced.
And there you have it! A timeline which details every significant event that happened along the way to the present day. Here's to another 5000 views and another 5 followers.

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  1. Congratulations Muppets For Justice for your 5000 views! 5 followers isn't quite as impressive, but congratulations for that too!

    Here's hoping that your future articles will be just as entertaining as your current ones (maybe even more entertaining, if such a thing is possible).


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