Monday, 3 August 2009

The Erosion Of British Morals (or BNPMSL)

The other day I discovered a BNP supplement on my way to work. I presume these had been scattered around by an enthusiast in order to gather support for the party, or by a serial prankster who was intent on damaging the BNP's reputation.

Please forgive me when I say this, but I actually picked it up and read it, mainly out of curiosity. I didn't exactly expect the 20 page campaign paper to be full of unquestionable facts backed up by sensible points and coherent policies, but even then, I was surprised at how thinly veiled their radical viewpoints are. Highlights include (and there were around two highlights on every page), but are not limited to:
  1. Britain has far too many people. The optimum population should be 30 million natives to sustain our economy, which is back to "Victorian levels".
  2. The coal mining industry should be revitalised.
  3. Immigration should be flat out stopped, and asylum seekers cracked down upon.
  4. Current non-white British citizens should be encouraged to go back to the countries of their ethnic origins using "sensible policies".
  5. Islamification should be stamped out because it threatens our Christianity (the BNP is the ONLY party with Christian morals at heart).
  6. The BNP is persecuted against, even by the Church of England.
  7. Corporal Punishment in schools is a great idea, and we shouldn't teach sex education.
  8. Crack down on crime by introducing the death penalty.
  9. Brussels wants to own our naval bases.
  10. All new homes built in Britain go to immigrants, so we shouldn't build any new housing.
So to sum up, we should go and live in the 1800's. I love this type of radical propaganda because it's hardly ever backed up and is so easy to knock down. Here's a bullet pointed list of my thoughts on the previous points:
  1. The first link on Google suggests that the current population of the UK is 60,975,000. This is twice as much as the BNP suggest is the optimum number for our country. Have a quick look around your local town or city, and the vast majority of you will realise that not one in two of us are black. Simply kicking out the foreigners isn't going to cut it, so numbers of white British people need to drop as well. I reckon the BNP should lead the way by imposing sterilisation upon themselves as a good will gesture and example to the population. We could also disassociateScotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to cut a few million down, and the rest will be sorted out in a good war or two. Sound policies!
  2. Why should we bring coal mining back? Coal is a declining commodity, and mining it caused a lot of people to suffer from terrible health problems which are still being claimed for today. There's no reason to go back to this industry except for to get middle aged doleite pricks to raise their can of cheap lager and go "Here here! Never did me any harm!".
  3. I love my planet and I love it's inhabitants. Call me a spaghetti armed nancy boy if you must, but that's just the way I feel, OK?! Immigrants come to this country looking for work. They are often employed in sectors where born and bred British folk don't want to work such as call centres, bin collection, and service based areas such as restaurants. People often confuse illegal immigration and asylum seekers with people who legally have the right to be here, claiming that they "take all our jobs and houses". Wrong actually. If you cared enough to get a job that you feel is beneath you out of some misplaced superiority complex, purely because your mother happened to squeeze a shit like you out of the wrong hole and it happened to fall on this piece of land known as the UK. That doesn't make you any more entitled to work here than any of the other people who bring new skills from overseas and do so by following the system correctly.
  4. This particular point made me feel a bit queasy. "Sensible policies" is about as reassuring as a verbal agreement from a mute rapist that he's only giving your wife a lesson in anatomy. How could you possibly encourage people to move away without violating what we currently regard as Human Rights? The only way to get people to leave is to make the climate very hard to stay. Stop them getting jobs, benefits, houses, and by proxy, food, and create a situation where they have to leave and claim asylum in another forward thinking country.
  5. Extremists should be stamped out, but aside from that, what's so wrong with Islam? By definition (as with every other belief) it is a very peaceful religion. Besides, I like the muslim calls to prayer. I call them the Allahrm Clock.
  6. To illustrate this, they printed a picture of Jesus saying "They persecuted me, just like they persecute the BNP". The Church Of England is very against the BNP because they are not a bunch of idiots, and this is how the BNP try to get their own back. They claim to be the only party with Christian morals at heart (Obviously Nick Griffin is ignorant enough to have never heard of the Christian People's Alliance), yet vehemontly attack the Church Of England rather than try and get them on side. DURRRRR!
  7. I wonder if Nick Griffin would still stand behind his sex education policy if his daughter got pregnant at 14 because she thought sex would be well wicked and had never heard of a condom. In times when AIDs and other STIs are only stemmed by the awareness of safe sex at an early age, I simply cannot fathom why this would be a good idea. We can't afford to be prudish when it comes to being healthy.
  8. I don't even know where to begin with this one. We abolished this for good reason. It just seems like the BNP read a book on medevalhistory, then looked at the world around them today and said "and they call this progress?!".
  9. This is quite typical of BNP xenophobia. When the European Union does something that the BNP doesn't agree with (which is basically everything they do), they never refer to it as the EU, but as Brussels. This conjures up an image of Nazi Germany in the shallow minds of their supporters who cry themselves to sleep at the thought that the Germans are telling us what to do, even though our troops shot their troops better decades ago.
  10. Flawed in every possible sense. Immigrants do not get instant rights to new houses, and if you want the country to grow (which the BNP don't in any sense), you need more houses. More houses would help house prices if there were more available at any given time
So there you go. If you ever needed a ten point list of why not to vote for the BNP, there it is. Racism is an ugly thing; but not as ugly as Nick Griffin's mum. Peace out.


  1. Very well put together sunshine.


  2. Thanks very much, Slugsy. I know you'll have already seen some of this content from the other day when we discussed it, but I'm glad you liked it.


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