Monday, 22 August 2011

I'm 25 And I -

- Still use the words "cool" and "awesome" in casual conversation.

- Haven't learned to whistle correctly. I manage to maintain the façade, but I can only whistle whilst inhaling. I cannot whistle whilst blowing air outwards.

- Secretly regret giving away my old consoles.

- Still haven't graduated from drinking pop and orange to tea or coffee.

- Find websites such as Manbabies more fun than I should for a man who has lived for a quarter of a century.

- Gain immense amusement from the antics of monkeys.

- Believe that news readers have to change their names to make them more giggleworthy, such as Dermot Murnaghan, Ricky Salmon, and Fenella Fudge.

- Haven't been to a music festival. The closest I've come is listening to an iPod in a tent.

- Cannot help but think of puns during the course of any conversation.

- Have yet to come up with a genuinely funny pun during the course of any conversation.

- Have revived an article I wrote nearly two years ago, so deal with it.


  1. Well sir, I think we would be friends. There's nothing I like more than a good conversational pun.

  2. Excellent, although I must admit that mine can be a little bit PUNishing...

    ...I'm sorry :(


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