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Muppets For Justice is written by a man who pretends to be a muppet named Addman. This Blog is a place where his thoughts can coalesce into some sort of semi-concious order as he tries hard to make you laugh through the Internet, without entering your room!  This truly is a miracle of science!

Addman is just a girl who can't say no.  When he's not trying to be witty online, he enjoys wasting his time on other pursuits such as watching films, playing games, eating, breathing, and living in England.  He also had a spate of amnesia as a child, but that's a period of his life he'd rather forget.

If you feel enraged, enthralled, or indifferent to what you read here, you can contact Addman at addman_00@hotmail.com and let him know what you think of him.

The majority of images used on this Blog are not created by the author and have been sourced form Google Image Search.  If any of images breach copyright in anyway, it is purely unintentional, and any threat of legal action will scare him into taking them down.

Muppets For Justice operates a tight schedule.  Updates occur twice weekly on Mondays and Friday.