Friday, 5 December 2014

Blog Update

Hello to all you loyal readers who have been repeatedly hitting F5 since last September.  Adam here, you know, Addman.  That guy who does the thing.  Now you remember!  I just wanted to let you know that I haven't given up on Blogging and that Calmer Chameleons is still on the way.  Let it be known that Adam Lloyd is not a quitter!  That's why I dropped out of rehab.

I didn't want to fill this space with unfunny life updates, but I feel that you fine folks deserve a few answers surrounding my mysterious absence.  Basically, the design for Calmer Chameleons is done, but I haven't been able to conjure up any particularly good content to put on it.  This is mainly due to life commitments that have grown exponentially, as I shall list in tedious detail here.

So I've moved to Manchester, or as Manchester University professor Brian Cox would call it, the city of D:reams.  Upon arrival, the natives welcomed us in their traditional tribalistic fashion by stealing a laptop from the person who was helping us move.  Apparently, it is an honour to be greeted in this manner.

While we've settled into Mancunian life in the weeks since, unfortunately, I've still been working 70 miles away, so there have been lots of commutes and nights away.  There have also been lots of interviews to try and find work in Manchester (which, despite a number of jobs, they all seem to be taken by cabal of psychic job hunters before anyone has the opportunity to apply.  Perhaps this down to a series of uncles that have been blocking my social mobility. Either way, after a couple of false starts, it looks like I'll finally be starting a new job closer to home over the next few weeks.

For most of my free time over the last few months, I've been hunting the deadliest game of all; employment.  Some say that mankind is the deadliest game, but those people clearly haven't played Jumanji.  However, The rest of my free time has been taken up with an entirely different occupation.

I've been playing at being a journalist.  Namely, the laziest type of journalist of them all, the video games journalist.  I started writing for an independent games website called Power Up Gaming back in August, and since then I have been made an Associate Idiot-I mean Editor.  They even let me write my own biography, the fools!  I've covered events, conducted interviews, and committed my opinion on more than one occasion.  In the short span of time that I've been writing for them, the site has grown tremendously and now gets tens of thousands of hits every month.  I contribute this success entirely to myself, and am planning to overthrow the website in a militaristic coup to take what is rightfully mine.  You can support my endeavour by looking at the articles I've linked and sharing them appropriately.

So this is all well and good, but when will my triumphant return to Blogging commence?  Well, I'm writing again, which is a decent start, and I expect to launch Calmer Chameleons in the new year.  Monday the 5th of Jan looks like a good day, so let's go with that for now.  Appropriate links will be posted here so that you can follow and fan my flagging ego with praise and adoration.  Until then, stay slinky.