Monday, 1 September 2014

We’re Going Through Changes

Those of you with memories may remember a post that I made a few weeks ago. I posted to say that Muppets For Justice would be going through some dramatic changes.  Muppets For Justice will no longer be Muppets For Justice and Addman will no longer be Addman.  Green will no longer be a colour on any observable scale, and all human endeavours shall be rendered null and void on a grander cosmic scale.

So yes, big changes are underfoot.  This Blog will be having a full redesign and the name is changing.  After weeks of speculation, I can now reveal the new name that I’ve settled on:

Calmer Chameleons!

This name change is important for many reasons.  Firstly, some of my early MfJ postings were pointlessly furious and politically charged, which is something I wanted to distance myself from a little bit (hence the name Calmer).  Secondly, Chameleons are famous for changing colour, just like the standalone, disconnected posts I intend to produce. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is an amusing pun.

I will also be changing my name on my Blogger profile, so don’t expect to see Addman appearing on your comments feeds anymore.  The veil has finally been lifted on the world's worst kep secret, and I can reveal my true identity:

Oops, sorry, I mean:

Hello, my name is Adam and my hobbies include writing, hiking, watching films, and drive bys on playa haters.

I’m sure that you all feel much closer to me now.  Can you feel me near you, breathing in your ear?  Whispering the lyrics to your favourite 80’s kids TV shows?  Please excuse the garlic.

So when is all of this going to happen?  I’ll be experimenting next week with the design and trying to make Calmer Chameleons look acceptable.  I intend to create a new Blog from scratch which may or may not be on Blogger. Please bear with me while I tinker with the damn, dirty thing and I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Until then, things will be quiet around here until the new Blog launches. I intend to launch by the end of September, possibly sooner, but this is subject to change.  If you're feeling a little lost without regular updates from me, feel free to browse the extensive back catalogue of MfJ in the meantime, or perhaps you would like to enjoy this beautiful ballad about change:

Thank you all for putting up with my crap and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side.