Despite my crowning achievement being the award I won at school for "Most likely to manipulate their own genitals for money", I have also won other award(s) for Muppets For Justice, which are proudly displayed below.  Yes, I am self indulgent enough to create a whole page for awards:

Awarded By:  Lily

For:  Being a madman who makes people wee.

Awarded By:  Chiz and Shay

For:  Being very funny and ruining people's trousers.  Also, for having an interesting/scary mind.

Awarded By:  Shay and Flip

For:  Being versatile, I guess!

Awarded By:  Susan Kane

For:  Being versatile and for being part of the A-Z Challenge.

Awarded By:  Laura

For:  Being fabulous, dah-ling!

Awarded By:  Dude Write/Youngman Brown

For:  This

Awarded By:  Lily

For:  Kicking ass in a fashion that would make Chuck proud.

Awarded By:  Dude Write

For:  Leaving funny comments.

Awarded By:  Rob Z Tobor

For:  Thinking abstractly about things.

Top Commenter Award

Awarded By:  Gossip Girl

For:  Commenting nicely and not swearing at all.  Ever.

Badge Of Cool Award

Awarded By:  Bumferry Hogart

For:  Having a cool looking Blog and writing funny, near the knuckle posts.

 Liebster Award

Awarded By:  Rob Z Tobor

For:  Being all Liebsterfied, despite a penchant for Jammie Dodgers.

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