Friday, 23 May 2014

398th Post Spectacular

Muppets For Justice has reached another important milestone.  As we approach the illustrious achievement of 400 posts and set a new record for “Longest Running Blog Despite Numerous Government Attempts To Shut It Down”, now seems like the perfect time to begin our celebrations.

Since the last important milestone we’ve covered a unique and frankly inexplicable array of subject matters.  We have explored the phenomenon of garrotting in Victorian England, pitched some films , and campaigned against the right-wing oppression of the Disney Corporation.

Our fascination with celebrities has grown deeper and darker.  We’ve stalked 1Direction heartthrob Harry Styles , written a song for Engelbert Humperdinck, and taught aliens the joys of celebrity gossip .  Let’s hope this insidious trend continues in the future.

Obnoxious enough for you?

Looking back 100 posts ago, on my 300th post celebration I wrote a collaborative story.  Everyone contributed a sentence that I had to weave into a story, which proved to be so fun that I’ve decided to do it again.  That’s right, I want you to submit some more sentences for me to use in a new story.  Don’t be afraid to hold back.  Some of the submissions were utterly ludicrous last time, which is exactly what I’m after.
So, all I need from you is come up with the most ridiculous sentence you can muster and leave it in the comments.  Please write your submission between hash tags like so:

#Then Jimmy high-fived himself through the interdimesional portal, and all life on Earth was immediately restored.#

Please note that the deadline for submissions is the 27th.  Any sentences submitted after that time will not be included.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


  1. #Following last night's passionate lovemaking, Karen was spending another morning washing yogurt, swarfega and blood stains from her pillow.#

    Can't wait for another team effort!

    - Ed

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  3. #Feeling the shakes of withdrawal manifesting themselves in my body, I reach into my prosthetic leg in search of my supply.#

  4. # I think on reflection trying to play Stairway to Heaven while juggling chainsaws was not a good idea, but it was going perfectly until that naked tattooed snake dancer threw the Hedgehog at me.#

    Good luck, you did a grand job last time.

  5. #"Holy whale tits," exclaimed Penelope upon rounding the corner to see Queen Elizabeth engaged in a clitoral sword fight with Dame Judi Dench.#

    I probably could have done better, but it's early in the morning and my hangover dictates that I get this comment in, then get the contents of my stomach out.

  6. Congrats on resisting the government and doing your own thing despite the sanctions imposed on you. # That's when I saw the goat, and the goat saw me #

  7. #"The juxtaposition of incompetency within the entirety of the encompassing confusion has led to nothing short of a misunderstanding and I must apologise at the premature loss of your madam."#

    Good luck fella!

  8. #"It was wild and frantic and unlike anything that I had ever experienced before. And as we basked in the after glow of our loving making, I sighed a contented sigh and turned to my new love, Shaun the Sheep."#

    Good luck Addman. You are a brave man indeed.

  9. Congrats, Addman! Here's my sentence:

    #As Penelope sat in the barn, fondling the stinking corpse of the quadruped, she recalled the words of Grandma Mae, "When consumed in conversation, never beat-off a dead horse."

    I hope it's not too late for the sentence submission.

  10. Thank you for all your amazing submissions so far. This has now closed, so I won't be accepting further submissions. You will all see the results soon.


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